Friday, May 16, 2008

retro:Active 2 - Rare & Remixed

tracks in comments


DJ HI-C said...

The Human League Human (Extended Version) 5:02 **
A-Ha The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (Extended Version) 8:26 **
Tears For Fears Shout (Dub Mix) 6:47 **
Blancmange Don't Tell Me (Dance Remix) 6:51**
Howard Jones Look Mama (Megamamamix) 9:15 **
Figures On A Beach No Stars (Unreleased Club Mix) 6:02 **
OMD So In Love (Brand New Extended Mix) 5:39 **
Fuzzbox International Rescue (The Orgasmatron Mix) 6:03 **
Q. Lazzarus Goodbye Horses (Extended Version) 6:25 **
The Dream Academy The Love Parade (12" Mix) 6:12 **
Alphaville Jet Set (Jellybean Mix) 6:29 **
Yaz State Farm (Madhouse Mix) 5:24

DJ HI-C said...


Anonymous said...

Going to ask you to please remove any music you are sharing from the Retro:Active Series. This is a friend of mine who is struggling to keep this series going due to people sharing and not buying the CDS. If this continues, he will be forced to no longer produce the series. So please if you want to hear more great music that is RARE and OP, please remove and do not share. If you continue to do so I will need to report it to the record company, thanks ...a dj that supports those who keep great music alive!!

Those that are downloading, please don't and buy the CDs to keep the music coming for a few more volumes!!